2013 (Fast!) Energy

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The energy is getting faster as 2013 progresses. Have you noticed? I know I said this a while back, but that felt like spring training compared with the now. Never before have I been able to manifest faster without any great effort. This isn’t always a good thing, as I am not always doing so consciously.

I liken it to someone handing me 100 million dollars and telling me to spend it in a day. I’d have no trouble selecting things I really wanted but inevitably, a few spontaneous purchases would slip in: things that sounded fabulous in the moment but had no staying power in the category of the desired. Like wow, I can buy my own amusement park! I’d laugh with delight at the novelty and picture how much fun it will be to open only to family and friends. No lines! And it would indeed be fun – for a day, maybe a week. But then what?  I’d have an amusement park to run, or sell, neither of which would appeal to me in the least.

This is “be careful what you wish for energy,” for sure. It used to require a certain degree of wanting for the positives to show up; now it seems any significant attention on a topic is invitation enough.

My favorite example of this came last month after a friend and I shared a brief facebook discussion about Crossroads, Eric Clapton’s treatment center in Antigua. She’d just attended Clapton’s concert at Madison Square Garden, a benefit for Crossroads. I told her I’d brought a client there a couple of years ago and reminisced a bit about the trip, one of the easiest and most enjoyable sober transports I’d ever done.

The client was the CEO of a well-known corporation and didn’t trust me or the concept of confidentiality enough to lose control, even pretending the reason for treatment was unrelated to chemical addiction. While not many people check in to rehab for run of the mill rejuvenation, it worked to my advantage to play along. Usually these transports entail clients getting decently wasted so it was wonderfully easy to travel with someone determined to sell me a sober image,

When we arrived at Crossroads, I was informed the client’s sister who had arranged this job had been unable to find me a flight home for several days. She put me up at a 5-star all inclusive resort to apologize for the “inconvenience.”

The day after fondly reminiscing about that experience, I received a call asking me if I was willing to take a client to rehab later that week. His destination? Crossroads!

I was told this would be the most difficult client I’d ever worked with and that it was unlikely he was going to agree to go with me. But the “coincidence” surrounding the location was confirmation enough for me that this would be a successful mission.  

With this type of work, I have to “act as if” I am going, regardless. Once the client agrees, I need to head straight to the airport, leaving just enough time to make the flight before he or she chickens out, but not enough time for things to get any crazier than they need to. Flights, my hotel and transportation need to be arranged in advance. 

So right from the start, the energetic message that is being sent out is that I’m going. Any law of attraction expert will tell you this is exactly what you need to do if you want something: expect to receive it. If the trip isn’t booked in advance, I am in essence saying I don’t trust that it’s going to happen.

I take it one step further, researching my hotel which is often booked by someone else or on a site like Hotwire, and the area if it is one I’m unfamiliar with. The day before this particular transport, I’d all but selected what I was having for lunch at my hotel’s poolside grill.

Weeks later, this client’s wife is still texting that she can’t believe he actually went with me. She wants to know what I said to him to change his mind.

I can’t really explain to her that it had more to do with researching a lunch menu than it did with which particular words I selected when I spoke with him. If I’d walked into that man’s home anything less than convinced I’d be in Antigua by that afternoon, he would have picked up on my hesitancy. Visualizing helps me believe we’re going, which helps me convince someone else.

I end each visualization with the thought “Thank you for this or something even better.” There is always the chance that what I’m visualizing isn’t for my highest good, or the good of all involved, and I respect that.

I also respect this 2013 energy…more and more each day.

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