Asking and Receiving


“If you have the ability to imagine it, or even to think about it, this universe has the ability and the resources to deliver it fully unto you.”   ~Esther and Jerry Hicks

I was just about to apologize for another long hiatus. Instead, I am setting an intention to contribute here more often. Focusing on not doing so is only going to create more of the same and while I love teaching about the art of manifesting, I don’t always practice myself. How many posts have I started the past few months with “Sorry I’ve been MIA…”?

Another area I haven’t been creating very consciously in is the one that inspired Time For Prosperity in the first place: attracting monetary abundance. I realized last week that I have been coasting for quite some time, doing just enough to get by. My last intentional monetary manifestation occurred over four months ago, just after Sandy.

Many insights arrived as to why I have been coasting. Today, I’d rather write about the last time I truly used the tools, not only to provide an example but also to remind myself of the incredible results I get when I actually do the work.

I was in California after taking a client out there for treatment. Her original destination was a center in Salt Lake City - had she gone there, I would have been on a plane back home the following day and this story would not exist. But after the craziest intervention I have ever been part of, the treatment location changed to Promises in LA. My friend Paul, the interventionist, told me he did not expect me to jump on a plane with this girl after the screenplay-worthy day that had transpired. He would pay me the same rate if I didn’t fly out with her.

My level of depletion considered his offer. My day had started at 7am and we wouldn’t land in Los Angeles until 1am my time, assuming we made it onto the plane which was somewhat doubtful. Against all odds, I had a 100% success rate getting sober transport clients to treatment, including clients who initially refused to go as well as ones who had attempted to escape along the way. Why set myself up to ruin that streak with someone so likely to bolt?

One thing was certain: there wasn’t a remote possibility of her going if I didn’t. Paul was kidding himself if he thought she was going unattended. And I had a very clear vision of catching up with some friends in LA, which made me think I at least had a chance of getting her there. So I told a surprised Paul I was still willing to give it a shot.

The client did attempt to run off the plane after boarding and once I convinced her to get back on, locked herself in the bathroom and delayed takeoff. I’m used to people staring at me due to the behaviors of the “friends” I travel with; this time it was downright glaring. But eventually, she came out and off we went. At LAX, I handed her over to a representative from Promises. Mission successful. She would not only go on to complete a three-month program but is also by all accounts still sober to this day.

My original plan was to stay two nights and fly home on Sunday but upon returning from breakfast with friends that morning, I learned thousands of flights back east had already been cancelled. For the second year in a row, I was going to be in Los Angeles while a hurricane barreled up the east coast.  At least no humongous trees were going to fall on my mom’s house this year, so at first, my greatest concern was how much money I was going to spend on this extension. Paul had already generously covered a second night for me and I couldn’t very well ask for more than that.  It had been my choice to extend the trip an extra day and hence get stuck out there.

Of course I knew better than to indulge in scarcity thinking, but I had already slipped back into some bad mental habits following an expensive vacation I’d taken a couple of weeks prior. I had been beating myself up a bit for overspending. It felt like this getting stuck in LA thing couldn’t have come at a “worse” time. I would soon change my tune about that.

My energy plummeted due to escalating concern for family and friends back home, especially the night of the storm. The progressively ominous texts I’d been receiving from friends in my community all stopped coming in at once, which left me feeling very rattled. Relief set in on Tuesday morning as I learned of each person’s safety, then my vibration dropped again as I became immersed in the stories. Close friends had lost homes; one had been rescued with only the clothes on her back and her cell phone. My community was literally a disaster and I was thousands of miles away where I couldn’t do a thing to help anyone.

A highly evolved friend in LA helped me see past that illusion. Clearly I was where I was meant to be as evidenced by the fact that I was there. Wasn’t one of my gifts providing emotional support? Hadn’t I spent much of the past two days providing that by phone and Facebook? Wouldn’t I do even more of it once more people had cell service and power? My community was going to need help for a very long time. Why not build up as much positive energy as possible to bring home with me?

By that Tuesday afternoon, I realized life had given me a great gift and I stopped trying to push it away. Yes, it’s difficult for me to be happy when people I love are going through really hard times. But as I wrote about in an earlier post, feeling bad for them isn’t going to make them feel better. The best way to serve them was to get myself feeling as good as possible. And so it began.

I turned down offers to stay with friends. I knew I needed to be right where I was, by the beach. I befriended Kris, the manager of my hotel who was also into the law of attraction. Not only did our conversations provide a timely reminder, but he also took over 30% off my hotel rate.

By Thursday morning, I realized I could technically fly home. I also realized I didn’t want to. I would be moving in with my mom for the foreseeable future; she did not yet have power and was living with my sister. I had gotten into a groove in Santa Monica and had worked through the nonsensical guilt I had initially experienced. After breakfast each morning, I’d spend a few hours supporting people by phone and reposting information on Facebook. Friends of mine were volunteering and mailing donations because of these posts, which helped me feel even better about not being home. My work was to support family, friends and even people I’d never met from a higher energy and then allow myself to enjoy the purposeful and exciting adventure I was experiencing in California.

To manifest what we want, we have to be clear about what that is. This was simple: I wanted to stay a few additional days. And in order to justify doing that, I needed to attract money that I knew was meant of this purpose. If Paul called with a random opportunity, that wouldn’t suffice; that money would go towards paying what I had already spent the past few days. But if he said he had a client flying from LA to NY in a day or so and would pay for me to stay in the interim…I caught myself trying to figure out the “how” and stopped. That part isn’t my job.  All I had to do was ask for what I wanted and be an energetic match to receiving it.

I did some visualization techniques, such as envisioning myself spending more time with friends I wouldn’t see until the weekend. I did a journaling exercise that involves pretending it is already the future and writing about what you want as if it has already occurred. I put the request out into the universe, trusting if it was meant to be, the way would I appear. As always, I ended my visualizations with gratitude “for this or something even better.” Then I let it go.

There was nothing for me to “figure out.” Either the answer would come or I would simply go home the following day. This is the easiest type of manifesting there is, when there is no real pressure to create. I wanted to stay in California a few extra days but if that didn’t happen, it was no big deal. I wasn’t concerned about not receiving what I wanted. There was no resistance, so the forces that be had an easy time delivering my request.

After a long, invigorating bike ride along the coast, I returned to a text from a client back home. Where in Los Angeles was I? He was now coming out there the following day for business! LA is enormous but this was still an interesting synchronicity. If I connected with him while he was out there I knew I would at least feel in integrity about writing a day or so of this trip off when I did my taxes. Even though I have been amazed by several years of imaginative displays by Source, I was still thinking small.

As it turned out, my client was headed right to Santa Monica, to a hotel six blocks away from mine!  Upon learning this, his parents asked if I was in a hurry to get back to New York. They were concerned about him being out there, since he is young and in the early stages of recovery, and they couldn’t overlook this “coincidence.” Would I be willing to stay out there a couple of extra days, in case he needed some support? They would pay my every expense, regardless of how often or if we even met in person.

If I had known my client and I would end up staying in California another eight days, all covered by his parents, I might have declined their offer, especially if I knew I would work with him in person only one day in that span. But a couple of extra days sounded like exactly what I’d asked for, and I said yes.

Sometimes, that’s the hardest part: recognizing that what we have asked for has been delivered, and receiving it.

What are you allowing today?

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