Trusting the Path

Hello, yeah it’s been a while…

Inspiration sometimes strikes at odd hours and normally, the only call I’m answering after 2:00 a.m. is the one from my bed. 

But a friend and I just discussed something that I felt someone here needed to hear, and I know myself well enough to know if I don’t write it now while I’m thinking I want to, I’m not going to. 

Sometimes when we ask for what we want, the complete opposite seems to show up. I can tell you countless stories from my own life and those of friends and clients who have had this experience. 

A friend who recently set a clear intention for more money lost her job. In the world of appearances, it seemed her intention “failed.” What really happened was that the space was cleared for a job that not only had a higher salary but was also a position she’d enjoy much more!

Losing her job was a necessary first step in the process of receiving exactly what she asked for. Of course, that’s not how it looked at the time. My friend didn’t call me to say, “Guess what? The best thing ever happened! I got fired! I know this happened because an even better job is lining up for me!” 

But she did work through her feelings of rejection and fear, and turn her focus to the trust and excitement that energetically invited her new job to arrive quickly. 

It reminded me of a time many years ago when my sports writing position with a professional team was eliminated. I’d done an exceptional job mentoring my interns, and the team realized it could have them collectively fill my position for free. It was a total blindside and my ego did not respond very well, until I had my first week off and I remembered what it was like to have a life! 

This was 12 years ago and I didn’t understand the law of attraction the way I do now, but I did know enough to trust I had to lose that job for a reason. I had enough faith to turn down the first offer I received afterwards, which would have put me in the same situation with a different organization: overworked and underinspired.

It was May and it didn’t take long for me to start enjoying the first unemployed summer of my adult life. Among the many gifts that came from the experience, I learned how to surf…and relax. 

I remember affirming “a few months from now, I’m going to understand why this had to happen.” 

By summer’s end, I had a new job in an entirely different field. It was a part-time with benefits position, since the Universe heard my appreciation for having a life that summer, and I made the same amount of money with a fraction of the hours. 

Bonus points: I LOVED that new job! It was a counseling position at a halfway house for women with addictions. It was radically different from the career I left behind, which had once been a dream job but I’d lost my passion for. For the first time, my skills served individuals and made a difference in people’s lives, instead of just entertaining people and making a corporation money. 

I stayed at that halfway house for six happy years before being pushed by life in another new direction. 

Each time we say we’re ready for something more in life, we need to be prepared for the fallout that sometimes follows such a declaration. We will get what we want if it’s for our highest good and we don’t stand in the way of receiving it. But it doesn’t always come in a neat package with a fancy bow. Sometimes, we have to demonstrate that we’re ready. And that often involves letting go of what no longer serves us.