Excuses Be Gone!

Since I last wrote, I started a contest to find a title for my novel, a “fictional self help” book about relationships.

The website I created includes a few excerpts from the book which readers can check out before suggesting titles. Prizes, including a gift card and complimentary EFT/lifecoaching sessions, will be distributed to the top four finalists after voting concludes. You can join the fun at http://www.namemynovel.com/

The idea to create the website for this purpose arrived well over a year ago, but I had a good deal of resistance to work through before I could implement it. Each time the idea came to mind, I had a new reason not to follow through. Eventually, I ran out of excuses.

That took a long time though! It’s amazing how many excuses we can come up with when we’re scared, and how valid they can seem. I used EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/tapping) to recognize and release my fears and limiting beliefs, which took several months. Then there was that little matter of actually creating the site.

I used to say I had the technical skills of a grapefruit, so it’s a staggering understatement to say I was not looking forward to this part. But the friend who has created sites for me in the past wasn’t available and I didn’t want to surrender creative control to someone who didn’t share my vision or passion, so I gave it a shot on my own.

When it took three months to figure out how to change the text color in my header, I decided it was time to give up this impossible mission. I was about to just go with a Facebook page when the idea struck to check out what theme was here on Time For Prosperity. The fancy ones I had been trying to use through a premium site I’d joined were clearly not designed for beginners.The one on Time For Prosperity was ancient, but much simpler. I installed it and got further with it in three hours than I had with any of the others I’d explored in three months.

The site with the premium themes has a support section for website development and although most of it seemed like it was written in a foreign language, in time, I eventually got the hang of it. I found my way through what once felt like an endless jungle of technical challenges and entered the clearing with a simple but functioning website.

The best part of all was that I created it myself! And beyond what it ever accomplishes as a website, it taught me so much about my capabilities and helped disprove many old and false beliefs that have been stifling me for decades.

I am much braver than I ever thought I was. I am far more logical and persistent. My work ethic is stellar when I am engaged in something I’m truly passionate about. I am able to translate inspired creativity to a left-brained medium. And if I can do that, I am truly capable of just about anything I set my mind to, even if it seems to fall way outside my talents and comfort zone. Most importantly, no matter what the question is, I can count on my higher self to provide the answer.

I understood this theoretically, but was not really living it consistently before I attempted to create the site. It took a while to develop the habit. Some nights, I would stay up long past a reasonable bedtime trying to force something that wasn’t working. Then I’d remember – the answer can come far more easily if I’m not relying on just my mind. I’d put it out there to the universe and surrender.

Sometimes the answer would come in a random inspiration at a time I wasn’t even thinking about the site. Suddenly, I would just know something I didn’t before. Other times, I’d think of the exact right person  to ask. Or I’d randomly stumble upon the answer another way. It was incredible to watch this play out.

Once I had the site working well enough, it was time to put up actual content: excerpts from the novel I’d written. I’ve been sharing my writing for decades, between my former career with the NHL, contributions to the Contagious Optimism series and my stories here. But for some reason, this felt very different!

I initially only shared the site with classmates from my EFT class, because I felt safe with them and they provided me with so much support. But I took down my first excerpt within ten minutes of posting it, because I felt so uncomfortable! I used EFT to work through my vulnerability and next level of fears. The next day, I posted it again and that time, it stuck.

That day seems like light years ago, because now I love putting up new excerpts! It helps that the material has been so well received, and the project itself has been a lot of fun.

Today’s Prosperity Process:

What projects or goals have you been procrastinating because they feel too big, or impossible to find starting points for? What other reasons do you have for not persuing your dreams? List all the reasons you have not gotten started with the things you say you want to do.

Journal or talk to a friend and have them listen for limiting beliefs, because the fear may run deeper than your actual awareness. Or the beliefs may feel so true, you mistake them as truths. For instance, “I don’t have time,” is a big one that comes up for people. It feels true. But it is only true because you believe in lack of time! I know someone who says she doesn’t have time to write, but she watches several hours of television every night. It’s not that she doesn’t have time – it’s that she is choosing to do something else with it.

Question all the fears and beliefs you come up with and use tools like EFT or work with a coach to release the beliefs that don’t serve you and are getting in the way of your dreams.

Even if you don’t make the changes right away, you will start breaking down the ego’s need to keep you safe and small with an endless stream of excuses. “I am choosing to relax and enjoy some television tonight” is a much more empowered thought than “I don’t have time to devote to my dreams.”