Today’s Prosperity Process

Hi readers! I just tried to post some seasonal photos for you but they converted into ads when I published! I will need to look into that for next time. For today, picture a beautiful path lined with trees. Some still have leaves but most of the leaves are already on the ground. The other one was taken of the Snoopy float at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Okay, now that you have the visuals, you can proceed to the process!

It’s officially Thanksgiving in the States and I wanted to share one of my favorite gratitude processes with you. It’s a variation of a traditional gratitude journal, one that takes on more of an exploratory and game-like quality.

About an hour or so after waking up, you list the three best things that have happened to you so far that day in your perception. This list can be very basic. If you can’t come up with anything, start with the fact that you woke up. Your heat is working. Your mattress is comfortable. Your right arm feels good. Anything!

Here’s a sample from my morning.

1. The heavy rains subsided in time for me to run my errands.

2. I had an amazing cup of “vacuum pot” coffee at my local coffee shop.

3. I had an inspiring conversation.

Sometime around the middle of your day, do it again. Maybe your morning list still stands. If so, write it out again. If you’ve found three new things to be grateful for, write the new list. It can also be a combination.

For example, that talk was so good, it may still stand out as one of my items, but I’ve added a couple of new ones.

1. I enjoyed an inspirational talk with a friend.

2. I accomplished something I’ve been wanting to do for weeks.

3. I am feeling energized after a great workout.

Do it one more time before you go to bed. It doesn’t matter if your list is entirely the same as your morning one, or if by the end of the day you listed nine different things to be grateful for.

Challenge yourself to do this consistently for 21 days and see if you notice a difference in how you feel. Write your list down – it is said to be more powerful to put gratitude in writing and it will be interesting to look back upon! The more you practice, the more you will notice to be grateful for, and that is where the power of this exercise comes in. Within time, your mind will start to search for the positives in each day automatically. And since what you appreciate appreciates, you might notice a lot more coming your way to be grateful for!

Thank you iPEC Coaching, where I learned this great exercise during my coach training several years ago. It was a process that really helped me shift out of complaint mode and problem-oriented thinking and into a more consistent attitude of gratitude.

Wishing my American friends a wonderful Thanksgiving and my international friends an amazing day! I am grateful for all of you.