Tapping Into Freedom

In my last post, I promised more about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as “tapping.” It involves tapping on accupressure points on your face and body while talking about your stressors and negative emotions and/or repeating positive affirmations.

When used for stress, it reprograms emotional responses, taking you out of the fight or flight reaction that is so deeply engrained, where toxic hormones are unnecessarily released into your system, energy is wasted and issues are perpetuated. Tapping brings you to the root of limiting beliefs and out of self sabotaging behaviors, and trains you to respond to stressors with the part of your brain responsible for creative thinking, intuition and problem solving.

I started a seven-week course last week with Nick Ortner, who has taken tapping to the mainstream with a film and book called “The Tapping Solution.” I have not experienced either yet, but judging by his class, I’m sure both versions are amazing.

Since the class started last Monday, I have used tapping many times to proactively align my energy for the day, nip stress and other negative emotions in the bud, take steps toward my dreams and heal a shoulder issue, a story I look forward to sharing soon.

Today, I want to focus on the insights tapping revealed about longstanding patterns as far as my career and prosperity are concerned.

One such revelation came during the first live call last week, when Nick was working with a coach who said he was giving up on his business and looking for a structured job because he didn’t feel like he could make enough money coaching. At one point he had but…

Nick asked him what happened that killed his optimism. I’d been tapping along with the call and asked myself the same question. Since I began working for myself, I have enjoyed some extremely prosperous and enjoyable spurts with sober companion jobs, case management clients and transports but I never build on them. As soon as the assignments are over, I just catch up with whatever I’ve fallen behind with and enjoy having money and living my life. I do some phone coaching and work on writing projects that will provide income in the future, but I don’t attempt to make sifgnificant money in the now until I have to.

This was the first time it occurred to me to ask, well, why? If there is the potential to make a lot of money in my line of work, why don’t I tap into that more often? (Pun unintended – I just noticed it while reading over this post lol.) Why do I only attract the big jobs when I absolutely need them? Why do my bank accounts need to hit adrenaline-inducing lows for me to focus on manifestation processes that always work? Take tapping for instance! I thought this sounded like a ridiculous process when I first learned it, but then I tried it and had some success. In July, I used it once to alleviate financial concerns and the next day, was offered one of the most enjoyable sober companion jobs I’ve ever worked. If it worked so well, why hadn’t I done it since, before taking this class?

As I tapped on these questions, the answers became abundantly clear.

I thought back to the first spring I did sober companion work, and one of the first times I’d traveled with a client: time spent in mansions and on yachts down south, private jets, personal chefs, jet skiing, wakeboarding…it was an incredible adventure and my greatest stressor was knowing that at any minute, I could end up on Page Six due to the high profile status of the family I was working with. Every day was more exciting than the one proceeding it. I had very high hopes for the direction my career was heading in.

Within one day of getting home from that experience, my cat Leche died. I had been super close with Leche and had a very hard time with this, especially the guilt that I hadn’t been home to spend more of those final weeks with him. He was extremely well cared for in that span, living with my mom as he always had, and his passing was inevitable as he had beel very ill. He had already outlived his predicted life span by many years. I still blamed myself.

The next incredibly profitable and exciting time that stands out above the rest came with a private job, so instead of splitting the fee with someone who had referred the client, I made it all. Following several weeks of making more money that I had imagined was even possible for me in such a short span, I was asked to escort a teenage girl to Kona, Hawaii. I was paid generously and my gorgeous oceanfront hotel and all expenses were covered for several days. I’d never been to Hawaii, so I extended my trip for a while, swam with dolphins, hiked volcanoes, made incredible friends. I don’t think I have felt as free, optimistic, prosperous or excited about my career than I did on that trip.

The day I landed, I found out a friend of 20 years who I adored had been killed in a car accident. He’d been on a flight home from the west coast just beforehand, just like I was. He landed at the same airport and got in an accident on the way home. Along with my intense sadness, I had some weird sense of survivor guilt.

Last summer, I was asked to do case management with a few clients. This involved a lot of money and very little work. By early autumn, I was able to take my mom on a really nice vacation to Sedona and Phoenix. When I got home from that trip, I was asked to take a client to a treatment center in Los Angeles. I had an incredible few days as I always do in LA. With my ever increasing vibration, I became a match to another amazing opportunity that planted me in Santa Monica for an additional week. I was ready to manifest a kingdom.

Instead, I came home to the devastation of my community due to Superstorm Sandy. Clearly, this was also not something I could have prevented, but I was out of town for the storm and ensuing chaos and unlike most in my community, did not lose my home, possessions or even a car. More survivor guilt.

Since I began working for myself, where my thoughts, beliefs, faith, energy and actions determine the amount of money I make, I have been operating on the premise that it isn’t safe to be prosperous and really excited about my career. Or enjoy myself immensely while traveling. “Something bad is going to happen,” has been an unconscious fear, blocking my path of happiness and success.

One of my closest friends already pointed out a link to something that happened in my 20s and like most debilitating patterns, I suspect it will date further back than that even. I’m looking forward to tapping my way deeper into awareness and more importantly, out of this pattern altogether.

I took another step toward that the other night, during my class. Nick called on me to share a question! There are 4000 people taking this class and while they are scattered around the world and not all doing the call live, I was still wonderfully surprised that I was somehow selected! I didn’t even have a question prepared but it occurred to me on the spot to ask whether it is beneficial to keep tapping on something once we have unearthed it, and try to get deeper into the roots, or just go wherever the tapping wants to take us.

Nick did a mini EFT coaching session with me and it was incredible! After a minute or two, I forgot that there were thousands of people listening live or on the recording and let myself fully go with the process. Thanks to Nick’s incredible coaching, and the energy of the collective, I released a good degree of the fear of loss and sadness and guilt that I have associated with some of these prosperous periods.

I realized why I keep editing a book I finished over a year ago instead of trying to publish it. I had adapted a belief that if it becomes as successful as I want it to, I’m going to have to give up my life as I know it to promote it. I won’t see my cherished family and friends or enjoy summers in Long Beach, because I’ll always be on the road.

I laughed as I realized my aspiration was to become an author, not a rock star. Nick told me he did very little traveling to promote his book, which has been hugely successful, and only says yes when it feels like what he wants to do. He reminded me that in today’s age, with modern technology being what it is, there is much less of a need to do in-person promoting. While some authors do indeed spend a lot of time traveling, many don’t.

I love to travel! I just want to do it on my terms, not have a publishing company book me a million speaking engagements in a short span so I can’t even enjoy the locations I’m visiting. It never occurred to me before that I can create whatever I want with this. I thought I’d be giving up one of the things I value most in life: my freedom.

I’m looking forward to what else this class and wonderful process will reveal and heal.
So far, tapping has proved to be the easiest tool I have come across to relieve stress, release unconscious emotional blocks, feel better on the spot and allow the flow of the wanted. It it a process that can be done anytime, anywhere. It is free and has no side effects.

To learn more, visit thetappingsolution.com, which contains plenty of information about tapping and a video that shows you the points and process.