Today’s Prosperity Process


Prior to late last month, the last time I accepted a sober companion assignment was in February. Since I’d walked into such a toxic and undesirable situation back then, I decided on the spot that I was retiring from this particular aspect of my multifaceted coaching career. In fact, I decided I was pretty much done working with clients in crises in general, unless it was the client reaching out for help and not a loved one forcing it upon him or her as was often the case with this type of work.

What I didn’t grasp at the time was that the chaos of the February job was merely a reflection of where I was internally, after falling into an energetic tailspin in the months following Superstorm Sandy. Since I was so depleted myself from subscribing to the story of devastation in my community and trying to provide more emotional support than I had to give, my vibration was not in the right place to attract a desirable situation.

Thankfully, when you work for yourself, quitting doesn’t have to be permanent. I never announced to the interventionists who refer me clients that I was seriously contemplating a career change. I just puttered along with the couple of case management clients I was already working with, who kept me afloat financially until one of them announced he was moving to California. All I felt was relief; I’d never been comfortable with the fact that his parents had been paying me so generously to do next to nothing; this kid had zero interest in recovery or working with me.

Instead of panicking that my income had been slashed in half, I trusted this was happening for a reason and would allow for even greater prosperity if I viewed it from an angle of faith. This “loss” freed up energy; I knew if I focused on getting my vibration higher, I would be a match to a much better opportunity. Since I didn’t know what that would look like, I simply resumed the inner work necessary to launch myself back into the flow of possibilities and focused on my writing.

I worked on revamping my solo manuscript and my contributions to Contagious Optimism. Even though I wasn’t involved with the first volume of that series, I was invited to take part in a book signing. I found it hilarious that my first signing involved a book I didn’t contribute to, but it felt as natural as breathing. This was a glimpse of the next phase of my professional life and I was excited.

But what about the now? I was still rather adamant about not wanting to return to crises work. Then last month, upon learning that actor Corey Monteith died from an overdose, a switch went off within my heart that made me want to return to the field. I realized I could no longer turn my back on this career I had never actively chosen in the first place. If this was the work I was meant to be doing at this point of time, who was I to say no?

A few days later, after putting the universe on notice that I was ready to take on new clients again, I took a look at my bank statements. Ms. Time For Prosperity had fallen back into some bad old habits since the storm, like not paying very good attention to the money going in and out of her accounts. Barely working for nine months hadn’t helped much either. I was quite surprised to see the totals, and not in a good way.

Fortunately, by this point I had gotten back into practices like meditation and watching online services from my spiritual community. Sure, it had only been a couple of weeks, but with the powerful energy of 2013, it doesn’t take long to get back on track. I realized the total in my bank accounts was just a reflection of the thoughts and actions I had indulged in over the past several months. It was something that could be easily rectified, even if I didn’t know “how” exactly. That part isn’t my job. I just need to focus on what I want.

I declined fear’s invitation to panic and got clear on which of the many processes I have learned through the years would be the most helpful. The answer came to do “tapping,” a process I had forgotten all about. ” I will detail it in a near future post, but you can do some research online in the interim if you want instant gratification. It’s a process I thought was absolutely ridiculous when I first heard about it, but it really does work to clear energy very quickly.

I spent no more than 10 minutes tapping on and releasing fear and and focusing on what I wanted: to feel abundant and on purpose again.

The very next day, I was very surprised to hear a voicemail from a guy I’d gotten to know with while working with my very first sober companion client. He’d been in her support network and had quickly become part of mine on that job, as I traversed the movie script plot line of that era. He had played an instrumental part in my realization that the situation was getting progressively more toxic and my ensuing decision to walk away from it.

As I drove away from Canyon Ranch that day, leaving my client and a few of the craziest months of my life behind, I left this guy a voicemail, thanking him for his wisdom and support. I never heard back from him.

Now here he was on my voicemail, three and a half years later, apologizing for not calling me back and delivering an explanation for not having my number that my ego was slow to believe. Even if it was true, it made no sense whatsoever to me that he was calling all this time later to deliver it. Still, it was nice to hear from him and the message was amusing me.

Then he got to fascinating part: since last we’d spoken, he’d begun working in the field and was now an interventionist. He had recently connected with Paul, who has been behind the majority of my sober companion and rehab transport jobs the past few years. He was looking for someone for a sober companion job and Paul recommended me and provided my number. He was amazed by the synchronicity. What were the chances?

Well, this is my life so…pretty good, actually.

It’s important to note that I just happened to be wearing a shirt that first client had given me, which I hadn’t worn in years, when he called me. And that this client he wanted me to work with shared a first name with that client from the past.

My “yes” was instantaneous. In the days leading up to this assignment in Greenwich, I spent some time reflecting on my favorite sober companion jobs of all time, and the positive elements I enjoyed about each one. This Abraham-Hicks process called “positive aspecting,” combined with setting an intention to create a great experience, helped line up one of the best sober companion jobs I’ve ever worked. It was the first one I actually missed when I went back home. Much more on that soon…

Today’s Prosperity Process

Make a list of all the positive traits you have experienced with a past experience to line up the “wanted” for a new one. For example, if you are looking for a new job, list all the traits of past jobs that you have enjoyed the most. Resist the temptation to focus on anything you didn’t appreciate – these aspects were only there to help you get clear on what you wanted. The purpose of this exercise is to appreciate what you did like, so as to invite these elements to a future experience.