Today’s Prosperity Process

SMsunset “A penny saved is a penny earned.” ~Benjamin Franklin

Monetary prosperity is about more than manifestation. It’s also about building a new relationship with money, one which is respectful and welcoming.

One prosperity-based behavior it has taken time for me to learn has been to spend less money on things I am already planning to buy. I’ve never been one to wait for sales or look for discounts. I was someone who would literally walk into a Bed, Bath & Beyond without one or several of their ubiquitous coupons. I held the belief that using coupons would make me seem “thrifty,” a word I never wanted anyone to associate with me.

For many years, I went in the complete opposite direction. I thought it was cool that I didn’t look at price tags when I went clothes shopping. I’d laugh when the cashiers told me my totals. Oops!

What I didn’t understand was that I was blatantly disrespecting money, which was an interesting behavior for someone who was primarily living on credit cards at the time. I was also caring significantly too much what people I didn’t even know thought of me, but that’s another topic altogether.

I’m still not much of a coupon clipper, but today I do take pride in finding a good deal. Because of that, it’s quite easy to find them.

Last week, my sister-in-law and I decided to do a juice cleanse through Blueprint. I was about to order the juices online when I remembered that Whole Foods carried them. When I called to find out if all six juices were in stock, I learned they were having a sale on them. Lorena and I each saved $100 buying the three-day cleanse through Whole Foods!

A few days ago, I realized my XM subscription was soon to expire. I’d gotten it at a well discounted rate last year after refusing the sale’s representative’s original pice of $300 for a one-year subscription and his promotional offer of $200. I was about to hang up when he offered me a special promotion: $100 for the year. Sold!

This year, I caught myself talking about how I’d have to pay full price to renew. “They only gave me the super discounted rate to get me as a new customer. Now that I love their service, they know I’ll be willing to pay more for it.” As I’ve learned to do, I questioned my negative belief. Did I have any proof that this was true? It seemed quite logical, but no, I didn’t have any proof.

I called XM with an expectation to get a deal and told the representative I was unlikely to renew unless she was able to match the offer they made me last year. She informed me she would need to speak with her supervisor since she was not allowed to approve this. She got back on the line and offered me something even better: a rate of $24.41 for six months!

Today’s Prosperity Process:

Challenge yourself to find at least one good deal this week. Whether you wait for something to go on sale, go to a store you don’t usually shop at to get cheaper price, ask for a discount, haggle, or find another way to save money, acknowledge your success and the money you saved. It’s a great feeling, and is a fabulous way to let money know you’re serious about wanting to improve your relationship.