Creating With Intention (Or Not)


“Our intention creates our reality” ~Wayne Dyer

Has anyone else been noticing how quickly the things you’re thinking about are showing up?  This is why it was predicted that in 2013, there would be a greater disparity between those who knew how to consciously create their lives and those who either lacked the awareness of how to do so, or were not willing to do the work involved with transcending the lazy mental habits that create by default.

I have spent the first month of 2013 vacillating between these groups. When I’ve reverted to old habits, primarily due to sinking into post-Sandy funks, it has been almost alarming how quickly more of the unwanted has shown up. On the flipside, it has never been easier to create what I want with conscious focus. A week or so ago, I realized I was craving a sober companion job. It was time to get out of Long Beach, and all the depressing visuals here, so I focused on what I wanted: to be elsewhere, thinking about something else. The call offering one came almost instantaneously. This is certainly “be careful what you wish for” energy!

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