Today’s Prosperity Process (repost)

“Most people feel a stark difference between the things they want to do and the things they believe they have to do. And most have put anything that earns money in the category of the things I  to do. There is no better way to earn money than to do the things you love to do.”

~Abraham-Hicks from the book “Money and the Law of Attraction”

As I’ve mentioned in recent posts, I’ve been working with a local client for the past three months. As our contract was coming to a close, I encouraged Paul, the interventionist who referred this client, to speak with his parents about an extension. The client was contending with a plethora of stressors and wanted to continue working with me.

His parents offered us significantly less than our original fee to extend. I agreed, as we were already working together less intensively than we had been when he first got out of treatment, and in my mind, I was being overpaid dramatically.

The next day, Paul texted to communicate he himself was hesitant about accepting the extension. The old, scarcity-based version of me would have panicked about “losing” the money. The old, codependently-based version would have freaked out about the idea of “abandoning” my client when he “needed me.”

The here and now version, however, knew to trust that this situation would work out for the highest good of all involved. I trusted Paul was making the exact right decision for himself by following his instincts. I trusted my client would be supported in whatever way would be best for him. I trusted life to continue delivering my flow of prosperity, and lead me to whatever opportunities would best serve me.

A few hours later, Paul called to discuss the situation, explaining his hesitation to be involved with the extension. He is happier, and more comfortable, working with short-term clients, with his preference being interventions, transports to and from treatment centers and short-term sober coaching. Longer term clients take his attention away from what he does best, and what he loves to do.

In the year since his partner, John, made his physical transition, I’ve incorrectly assumed we have had less long-term work because he wasn’t as good at the marketing end of things as John has been. Who knew this was simply a matter of preference? It’s amazing the stories we tell ourselves, and others, when we really don’t have the facts.  I was so glad to learn the truth.

Instead of trying to talk him into the extension, which I may have done in the past, I asked how he felt about the idea of me working with the client privately. Not only did he give his blessing, but he also called my client’s parents to encourage this arrangement.

They agreed, since I have been the one meeting with and supporting this client anyway. They did not even attempt to lower the fee, so I will be making Paul’s percentage as well as my own, bringing the total close to what I’d been making in the first place. Suddenly, I felt quite deserving of that.

The fact that Paul was willing to walk away from the money, which he was doing even less to make than I was, truly amazed me. He has been studying the same universal principles I have these past few years, and I was utterly amazed by his progress.  I was also impressed by his decision to pull out of a situation that didn’t feel right to him.

I sent him an email that night to express how much he’d inspired me. I told him the money he said “No thank you” to would come back to him, and then some, in a manner he felt better aligned with.

Two days later, a woman whose children I’d once tutored for the SAT contacted me to ask if I knew the name of an interventionist. My ego cried, “Tell her you can do it! You know how to do interventions! She won’t care that you’re not certified! You know her whole family! They already trust you! Cha ching!”

My spirit gave her Paul’s name.

He made the money we would have shared working with my client and then some, doing what he does best. Most importantly, an amazing kid I used to tutor is now getting the help he needs in rehab.

When we learn to trust in abundance, and say no thank you to the opportunities that don’t feel right, life is happy to deliver those that do. Bonus points: we receive even more money than we would have if we’d ignored our instincts and pushed ourselves to do something we didn’t want to.

Today’s Prosperity Process:

Explore the areas in your life where you tend to say yes when the situation doesn’t feel quite right.

What opportunities do you take to make money that you do not feel aligned with?

In what situations have you said no to a situation that didn’t feel right, and been rewarded with something better?

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What’s Your Sign?

On our prosperous journeys, there are always signs to let us know we are heading in the right direction. When we are open enough to notice them, these signs can have a profound effect on our senses of purpose and trust. They come in countless ways from an amalgamation of sources; some are one-time markers while others show up repeatedly.

Lilies are my personal favorite.

Five years ago, while attending training at iPEC coaching in Los Angeles, I began to smell these flowers, a scent that still vividly reminded me of my father’s passing almost 11 years earlier. Due to the association, it was a smell that sickened me; it literally made me gag. I didn’t stop to question why these flowers had appeared in our classroom, a conference room in a wonderful West Hollywood hotel, during our lunch break. I simply approached one of my teachers to ask if I could place them outside the room.

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