Angels in Hawaii

“Trust your angels to catch your wish and bring it to you in a delightfully surprising way.” ~Doreen Virtue

Setting out on my second date with the dolphins, I realized I was significantly more relaxed than I’d been on my first. My energy vibration was much higher after spending additional days on the Big Island and while I had a better idea of what to expect, paradoxically, I had fewer expectations.

Any doubts I may have had about treating myself to a second encounter were eradicated the moment I met Jodi, who had been swimming with the dolphins for two weeks straight and had exciting stories to share. I knew the dolphins would be drawn to her energy and that together we’d share a great experience with them.

As we talked, I thought of a book I’d started reading the night prior called “Angel Therapy.” I’d been fascinated to see it in the office of Dolphin Journeys, since I I’d listened to a guided meditation by the author, Doreen Virtue, on the flight to Kona. The book was about learning to connect with angels, which I wasn’t even sure I believed in. Sure, I’m into a lot of out-there stuff, but angels had just never really been my thing. Doreen stated we each have at least two guardian angels and that they can’t give us the guidance they’re capable of unless we invite them to do so.

She also said we can ask them for signs. I’m into signs. What did I have to lose? I took her advice and made contact by writing my alleged angels a letter. “Hey Angels. Sorry it’s taken me so long to reach out. No offense; it’s nothing personal. This has just always seemed a bit silly to me, but that says more about how humans have depicted you than it does you if you’re real.”

I asked for a sign in the next 24 hours. I let them know it had to be something really specific so I’d know it was from them. There I was, chatting with Jodi who just happened to attend Agape, my spiritual center in Los Angeles. I wondered if this was their idea of a sign.

Minutes later, a giant manta ray came to make our acquaintance and as I marveled at this beautiful creature with its immense wingspan, someone called out that it looked like an angel. 

“You’re getting warmer,” I thought with a smile. “I appreciate the effort, but I’m going to need something more specific. I’m already a big believer in the law of attraction and it’s perfectly normal for me to notice people talking about angels now that you’re on my radar. I need something that really shows me it’s coming from you.”

We saw an abundance of humpback whales, one of which breached right in front of our boat as we gasped at its magnificence. I was already entirely satisfied with the trip even before we came across a large pod of spinner dolphins. Unlike my first swim which I detailed in my last post, this time we were far out at sea; there were no other boats or humans in sight.

Before we jumped into the water, Jodi instructed me to swim on my side so I could better see the dolphins that surrounded us. And surround us they did! Almost immediately, one of them swam up right next to me. As I stared into the eye that was on my side, it stared back. The dolphin was watching me! This beautiful being was in close enough proximity to touch but I chose to be respectful; this wasn’t Sea World. My sense of touch is only so powerful; I can feel much more deeply with my heart. The dolphin and I exchanged love and energy for several minutes which made me quite giddy.

That day, we took several swims with our soulfriends of the sea. We sang to them; they sang back. At one point, there were at least one hundred of them! The sensation was akin to waking up within a magical dream. Back on the boat, we enjoyed passion fruit and taro chips as the dolphins escorted us almost all the way back to the marina. Some of them did spinning flips; they put on quite a show. I was in absolute bliss. I thought again about the angels. Perhaps they had set up this incredible experience?

That night, I was invited to the Aloha Spiritual Center which was showing the documentary “Beyond Belief.” I was thrilled to see two speakers from Agape featured in the film, including my teacher Reverend Cheryl who I’ve mentioned in past posts.  Midway through the film, a woman placed the film on pause for an intermission. I was only listening with half an ear as she made announcements for the center, but I thought I heard something about Doreen Virtue! I figured I’d imagined it, but decided to check with Jodi who informed me that Doreen was in attendance.

“You’re kidding me!” I exclaimed. The woman who recommended I get in touch with my angels was there? At this small, intimate gathering at the Aloha Spiritual Center? In Kona? Even with my vibration as high as it was, the information was almost too implausible for me to process.

I introduced myself to Doreen, who was warm, welcoming and gracious. She introduced me to her friends and I shared my story with them. The fact that I live in New York did nothing to surprise Doreen; this is someone who has worked with angels her whole life and is clearly quite accustomed to this type of story.

When she asked what brought me to Kona, I detailed the path that led me there, including the list of goals I’d created on New Year’s Eve. Topping that list chronologically had been swimming with dolphins in the wild by February. It had only taken just over two weeks for the Universe to set that up for me, in what I’m convinced has to be the best place in the world to have this experience!

 “Can you add world peace to that list?” she asked.

After our conversation, I thanked Doreen for her books and the angels for sending such a spectacular sign. I then sat to watch the second half of “Beyond Belief,” now thoroughly amused by the title.

Well done, angels. Well done.

Best First Date (revised)

“Now is the time to imagine what your life would be like if you could do anything you wanted, without any constraints and limits. Don’t worry about how these things will come to you. The ‘how’ of it is not your concern.” ~Edwene Gaines

On New Year’s Eve, I composed a list of goals for 2012. Following the advice of prosperity expert Edwene Gaines, I added dates that I hoped to accomplish each item by. Chronologically, the first order of business on my list was “Swim with dolphins in the wild by February.”

I didn’t know where or how this would occur, nor did I need to, for I knew the details would be orchestrated on my behalf, as they always are when I trust the process. My job was to simply focus on my intention and release any resistance in the form of limiting beliefs that might prevent the fruition of my desires.

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Best First Date Ever

On New Year’s Eve, I composed a list of goals for 2012. Following the advice of prosperity expert Edwene Gaines, I added dates that I hoped to accomplish each item by. Chronologically, the first order of business on my list was “Swim with dolphins in the wild by February.”

I didn’t know where or how this would occur, nor did I need to, for I trusted the details would be orchestrated on my behalf. Just over two weeks after penning my list, I found myself conducting an online search for Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, where I had just been asked to take a client. I knew nothing about the Big Island, but the very first thing I learned was that the Kona waters hosted an abundance of dolphins. I took an instant liking to Debra, who answered the phone at Dolphin Journeys, the first company I called. I booked my first encounter before looking into hotels.

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