Today’s Prosperity Process


The brain is like velcro for negative experiences but teflon for positive ones.”
~Rick Hanson

As humans living in a “What’s wrong” culture, we have been trained to find the unwanted in any given situation. 100 fantastic things can happen to us in a day and unless we have developed some semblance of control of our minds, our tendency is to dwell upon what left us unimpressed. What we perceive as positive slips out of our awareness easily, if we’ve noticed it at all, but the negative remains.

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“If you say something is not possible, what you are really saying is, I don’t want it.” ~Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Shortly after landing in Salt Lake City last week for a connecting flight, I received a message from a dear friend I hadn’t spoken with in a few months, telling me I’d been on her mind all day. Sonia lives in Pasadena, a two-hour drive from Palm Springs, my destination.  

“Maybe you feel me getting closer,” I joked. When she heard where I was heading, she offered to drive to Palm Springs in the morning to see me. I was tempted to forgo my 6am flight to spend some time with this friend that I absolutely adore and hadn’t seen in over two years.

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