Time For Prosperity – Welcome

Greetings, friends! I’m here to declare that it’s time for prosperity…for all! I know that each and every one of us possesses the innate ability to create abundance. This statement may sound whimsical to you, especially if you have not yet experienced the picture of prosperity you desire. The fact that I hadn’t before this past year is what makes me entirely certain of its truth, for if I was able to start turning my career and financial life around, seemingly overnight, anyone can. Even you.

The idea for Time For Prosperity was born last summer (2009), but I held off on starting it. I’m someone who has done my best learning from those who haven’t been swimming in the seas of prosperity all their lives, those who have known what it’s like to lack, to worry, to struggle. But I wasn’t sure you were going to want to learn about prosperity from someone who was making a few hundred dollars a week at a seasonal job as a waitress, which I was at the time. I believed in my heart that I was going to experience true prosperity within the year, but I hadn’t yet gotten a taste of it, at least not the monetary variety.

My career and financial situations got worse before they got better, and believe me, I know I had it easy compared to what some people out there have gone through. In December 2009, I was five days shy of having my car repossessed, with absolutely no solution in sight. I was in significant debt and my credit was shot to hell, so there was no chance of taking out a loan or getting another credit card or limit extension to buy groceries or gasoline. Well, it wasn’t like I’d need the latter once my car was repoed!

I was unemployed and although I went on interview after interview, I just didn’t draw any offers. I was rejected from jobs I felt I was far overqualified for; it was a humbling experience.

In my mind, there was no conceivable way I was going to keep my car. Even if I found a job, I wasn’t going to receive a paycheck in five days. I remember the night that fact finally dawned on me; I cried my eyes out, not only because I loved my car and couldn’t imagine how I was going to get around once it was gone, but also because I felt like the biggest unemployable loser on the planet.

Five days later, I had enough money in my bank account to make not one but two car payments.

Once I accepted what I thought was the inevitable, and came to terms with the idea of losing my car, I released the obsessive fear and resistance I’d been building for months, which had been blocking my prosperity in the first place. After crying out all those stress toxins, I worked a few prosperity processes I had learned, which I will share with you in future posts.

The very next afternoon, I was presented with an incredible opportunity by someone I’d met several months prior by a mutual contact, in a career I didn’t even know existed. That’s right; the minute I stopped searching desperately for the answer, it found me. Overnight.

One of the processes involved writing down all the positive aspects of the significant jobs I’d held through the years. Many of my favorites involved helping others, and things like watching movies, going to concerts and sporting events and traveling. The next day, I found myself helping someone who was in the early days of sobriety. We watched a lot of movies those first few days, which made me laugh. In time, I’d end up doing the other things on my list with clients as well, and then some.

I went from being entirely unemployed to doing work that has been so enjoyable at times, I’ve wondered why I’m actually getting paid to do it. My assignments as a sober coach have included five -star trips to tropical islands, traveling by private jets and enjoying scrumptious meals cooked by professional chefs, all the while helping clients improve their lives. Looking back at the past year, I almost don’t believe some of it myself. I’ve made more money in this line of work than I could have imagined.

I’m the type of person who likes to share the gifts I receive in life. So stay tuned; I’m going to tell you all about my transformation and more importantly, how you can allow your own answers and prosperity to flow just as immediately and easily as I did. I’m also going to share the many ways I eventually blocked my own flow again, so you can keep your abundance going. Unless of course you don’t want to; hey, some of us just aren’t ready for overnight success. I wasn’t.

Perhaps the greatest lesson I’ve learned thus far on my own prosperity path is how important it is to appreciate prosperity when it arrives, and continue welcoming it with open arms. Like any relationship, your union with money needs nurturing; if you stop respecting money, it will have no qualms about leaving you. If you push it away, it will have no choice but to go. When I stopped working the processes that worked, I returned to my default setting: scarcity. My amalgamation of limiting beliefs and fear-based thoughts crept back up on me; I didn’t even see them coming. I coasted for a while; then I crashed. That’s not a mistake I will ever make again; it is much easier to sustain momentum than to build it.

I don’t regret temporarily allowing my fear and resistance to take back control of the reigns, for doing so has been part of my journey. I’ve learned a lot from the steps I’ve taken backwards and know the lessons will help propel me even further along the prosperity path than I traveled before. Bonus points: I’ll appreciate even more; I’ll be even happier.

I like to think a big part of the reason I had to come back was to get you. Honestly, if I hadn’t crashed back down to earth after an eight month stretch of experiences beyond my wildest imagination, I wouldn’t be here writing this; I’d just be off enjoying the ride.

So here we are.

I’m going to share every single piece of prosperity wisdom I’ve collected, each process and money habit that has helped me create absolute miracles in my life, so you can do the same if you so choose.

Sometimes, I will just share personal stories. I suspect most will contain messages you can apply to your own life, as one can’t write about the topic of increasing prosperity without providing some along the way.

Other times, I will share a specific exercise and/or habit that you can practice on your own. These entries will be titled, “Today’s Prosperity Process,” so you can easily locate them.

In return for sharing everything that has helped me, all I ask is that you keep me accountable, which you will do simply by being here with me. Developing this site will ensure that I get back into all the fabulous habits which helped me allow abundance to flow into my life, and continue them daily. I will roll out the red carpet for prosperity by developing an omnipresent appreciation for it; this time, it will know how important it is to me.

It’s time for prosperity. Care to join me?

Learning new ways of thinking, feeling and being takes time, and the more you do to immerse yourself in this material, the quicker you will experience prosperity. I highly recommend:

1)   The teachings of Abraham (Abraham-Hicks.com) through Jerry and Esther Hicks, who have written books like “The Law of Attraction.” Read their books, listen to their CDs, take their workshops. http://www.abraham-hicks.com/lawofattractionsource/index.php is my homepage; I like to start my mornings with their daily quotes.

2)   Stop complaining! Visit http://acomplaintfreeworld.org, which will teach you a challenging but fun way to break this prosperity-blocking habit.

3)   Keep a gratitude journal. Oprah Winfrey has been writing down five things she is grateful for each day for the past 16 years. I don’t know about you, but I am certainly willing to take a few minutes a day doing any practice someone as successful as Oprah is engaging in!

4)   Watch “The Secret” if you have not already done so, a great introduction to the Law of Attraction for those who are not already well versed in this topic. http://thesecret.tv/thesecretfilm

5)   Visit http://agapelive.com to watch (free!) services from the Agape International Spiritual Center, a trans-denominational new-thought center. Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, featured in “The Secret” is one of the greatest teachers out there speaking and writing about the universal laws. He is entertaining, passionate, articulate, brilliant, authentic and hilarious…someone you will want to listen to regularly because you just feel so good about yourself and life after doing so. And repetition is the key here, to replace your old limiting beliefs about prosperity and life with new-paradigm truths. He, along with others at Agape, has been the teacher I have loved most and learned from most on this path.

6)   Study the teachings of those who are experts in areas of life you wish to improve. Explore the wonderful free resources out there such as Jennifer McLean’s “Healing With The Masters” series, which features prosperity, success, relationship, health and spirituality teachers. It’s offered periodically; check http://www.healingwiththemasters.com for details.

7)   Work with a professional Prosperity Coach or Life Coach to identify and break free of self limiting beliefs and sabotaging behavior patterns so you can create the life you dream of. Schedule permitting, I can offer you a free trial session or refer you to another qualified coach. Perhaps you’d like to work with my coach, man who has helped me create miracles, the brilliant and beloved Keith Miller! Find TimeForProsperity.com on Facebook to contact me.