Trusting the Path

Hello, yeah it’s been a while…

Inspiration sometimes strikes at odd hours and normally, the only call I’m answering after 2:00 a.m. is the one from my bed. 

But a friend and I just discussed something that I felt someone here needed to hear, and I know myself well enough to know if I don’t write it now while I’m thinking I want to, I’m not going to. 

Sometimes when we ask for what we want, the complete opposite seems to show up. I can tell you countless stories from my own life and those of friends and clients who have had this experience. 

A friend who recently set a clear intention for more money lost her job. In the world of appearances, it seemed her intention “failed.” What really happened was that the space was cleared for a job that not only had a higher salary but was also a position she’d enjoy much more!

Losing her job was a necessary first step in the process of receiving exactly what she asked for. Of course, that’s not how it looked at the time. My friend didn’t call me to say, “Guess what? The best thing ever happened! I got fired! I know this happened because an even better job is lining up for me!” 

But she did work through her feelings of rejection and fear, and turn her focus to the trust and excitement that energetically invited her new job to arrive quickly. 

It reminded me of a time many years ago when my sports writing position with a professional team was eliminated. I’d done an exceptional job mentoring my interns, and the team realized it could have them collectively fill my position for free. It was a total blindside and my ego did not respond very well, until I had my first week off and I remembered what it was like to have a life! 

This was 12 years ago and I didn’t understand the law of attraction the way I do now, but I did know enough to trust I had to lose that job for a reason. I had enough faith to turn down the first offer I received afterwards, which would have put me in the same situation with a different organization: overworked and underinspired.

It was May and it didn’t take long for me to start enjoying the first unemployed summer of my adult life. Among the many gifts that came from the experience, I learned how to surf…and relax. 

I remember affirming “a few months from now, I’m going to understand why this had to happen.” 

By summer’s end, I had a new job in an entirely different field. It was a part-time with benefits position, since the Universe heard my appreciation for having a life that summer, and I made the same amount of money with a fraction of the hours. 

Bonus points: I LOVED that new job! It was a counseling position at a halfway house for women with addictions. It was radically different from the career I left behind, which had once been a dream job but I’d lost my passion for. For the first time, my skills served individuals and made a difference in people’s lives, instead of just entertaining people and making a corporation money. 

I stayed at that halfway house for six happy years before being pushed by life in another new direction. 

Each time we say we’re ready for something more in life, we need to be prepared for the fallout that sometimes follows such a declaration. We will get what we want if it’s for our highest good and we don’t stand in the way of receiving it. But it doesn’t always come in a neat package with a fancy bow. Sometimes, we have to demonstrate that we’re ready. And that often involves letting go of what no longer serves us. 


Faith or Fear?

I skipped my flight from Miami to New York yesterday. I didn’t change my reservation; I simply didn’t show up. I checked in online, but I opted not to board.

“They’re probably calling my name right,” I said to my friend with a laugh, trying to appear more confident than I actually felt about the situation.

Due to Winter Storm Pax, fares were escalating by the moment. Maybe I was exercising a little too much faith in my manifesting abilities and should have made a more logical decision, like going home.

Except there’s no such thing as too much faith. Logic and I are distant relatives several times removed who rarely communicate. I erased the word “should” from my vocabulary a long time ago. And home was about to begrudgingly welcome the aforementioned Pax.

The decision had already been made and there was nothing I could do to change that. Getting to the airport, through security and to my gate in ten minutes didn’t seem terribly feasible so the only thing left to do was trust.

Rewind to earlier that morning. I’d awoken from a relatively scary dream about flying. In all my years of travel, I have never been afraid to fly and I rarely have nightmares.

I’d recently experienced a silly but nevertheless precognitive dream. I ordered a sandwich on “fat bread” from room service. My cousin arrived for lunch in real life with very thickly sliced bread to make sandwiches on, and called it the very same thing.

What if this dream was another case of fat bread?

I couldn’t chance it or ignore the blatant symbolism. In the dream, we were told the plane was all but inevitably going to crash. The woman who shared this information with us had dread in her voice and it scared the bejesus out of me.

As the crew began to teach emergency procedures, I realized we hadn’t actually taken off yet. What was wrong with these people? Why were they remaining on the plane? I grabbed my suitcase from the overhead bin and ran off, wondering why anyone would have chosen otherwise.

In real life, I had chosen not to be one of the crazy people on that flight, heading back to New York just in time for Pax. Friends who have become Facebook meteorologists this winter were predicting a foot of snow!

Those of you who know me know winter isn’t exactly my thing, even when it doesn’t snow every other day and the temperature occasionally rises above freezing. It had taken several days to thaw out from the 582 snowstorms this winter and I had only just started to recover vibrationally.

One snowflake away from insanity, a friend in Miami had rescued me with an invitation and unprecedented hospitality. I was just starting to feel like myself again. Did I really need to hurl myself back into the circumstances I’d been struggling with if I had a choice?

Pass. I set an intention to change my flight at no fee, which I have done more times than most people believe. But when I went to work my magic with my airline, I was met with an unexpected response.

“Your current wait time is four…” Oh four minutes; that’s not too bad. Wait. Did that computerized voice just say four HOURS?

They gave an option for me to provide my number and have a representative call me back, which was the obvious choice. Except that it’s been 26 hours and I’m still waiting for that call.

My friend suggested the airline’s app, which I promptly downloaded. Then I accidentally managed to check myself in. It was very unlikely I was going to be rewarded for leaving an empty seat on their plane, especially on a day when people were desperately trying to move up their flights.

It was inevitable I’d need to book a whole new and outrageously priced ticket. That is, if I didn’t catch my negative thinking and tap back into faith.

I enjoyed an outdoor dinner in a thunderstorm and a great conversation. Nature, my friend and the appreciation of both helped me raise my energy again. I was thrilled to be planning for another beautiful day in Florida instead of preparing for a blizzard.

During an Olympics commercial break, I picked up my phone and opened the app. It hadn’t been a premeditated action, but more like how I used to unconsciously open Facebook any time I had to wait on a line for over three seconds.

I was just about to close the app when the words on the screen caught the attention of the conscious part of my brain. My flight had been delayed. And apparently they were offering me an opportunity to reschedule.

As impossible as it seemed considering the flight they were letting me re-book had already landed (safely) in New York, I was able to select a flight for several days later. Free of charge.

Keep the faith, people. Keep the faith.

Today’s Prosperity Process

Hi readers! I just tried to post some seasonal photos for you but they converted into ads when I published! I will need to look into that for next time. For today, picture a beautiful path lined with trees. Some still have leaves but most of the leaves are already on the ground. The other one was taken of the Snoopy float at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Okay, now that you have the visuals, you can proceed to the process!

It’s officially Thanksgiving in the States and I wanted to share one of my favorite gratitude processes with you. It’s a variation of a traditional gratitude journal, one that takes on more of an exploratory and game-like quality.

About an hour or so after waking up, you list the three best things that have happened to you so far that day in your perception. This list can be very basic. If you can’t come up with anything, start with the fact that you woke up. Your heat is working. Your mattress is comfortable. Your right arm feels good. Anything!

Here’s a sample from my morning.

1. The heavy rains subsided in time for me to run my errands.

2. I had an amazing cup of “vacuum pot” coffee at my local coffee shop.

3. I had an inspiring conversation.

Sometime around the middle of your day, do it again. Maybe your morning list still stands. If so, write it out again. If you’ve found three new things to be grateful for, write the new list. It can also be a combination.

For example, that talk was so good, it may still stand out as one of my items, but I’ve added a couple of new ones.

1. I enjoyed an inspirational talk with a friend.

2. I accomplished something I’ve been wanting to do for weeks.

3. I am feeling energized after a great workout.

Do it one more time before you go to bed. It doesn’t matter if your list is entirely the same as your morning one, or if by the end of the day you listed nine different things to be grateful for.

Challenge yourself to do this consistently for 21 days and see if you notice a difference in how you feel. Write your list down – it is said to be more powerful to put gratitude in writing and it will be interesting to look back upon! The more you practice, the more you will notice to be grateful for, and that is where the power of this exercise comes in. Within time, your mind will start to search for the positives in each day automatically. And since what you appreciate appreciates, you might notice a lot more coming your way to be grateful for!

Thank you iPEC Coaching, where I learned this great exercise during my coach training several years ago. It was a process that really helped me shift out of complaint mode and problem-oriented thinking and into a more consistent attitude of gratitude.

Wishing my American friends a wonderful Thanksgiving and my international friends an amazing day! I am grateful for all of you.






Tapping Into Freedom

In my last post, I promised more about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as “tapping.” It involves tapping on accupressure points on your face and body while talking about your stressors and negative emotions and/or repeating positive affirmations.

When used for stress, it reprograms emotional responses, taking you out of the fight or flight reaction that is so deeply engrained, where toxic hormones are unnecessarily released into your system, energy is wasted and issues are perpetuated. Tapping brings you to the root of limiting beliefs and out of self sabotaging behaviors, and trains you to respond to stressors with the part of your brain responsible for creative thinking, intuition and problem solving.

I started a seven-week course last week with Nick Ortner, who has taken tapping to the mainstream with a film and book called “The Tapping Solution.” I have not experienced either yet, but judging by his class, I’m sure both versions are amazing.

Since the class started last Monday, I have used tapping many times to proactively align my energy for the day, nip stress and other negative emotions in the bud, take steps toward my dreams and heal a shoulder issue, a story I look forward to sharing soon.

Today, I want to focus on the insights tapping revealed about longstanding patterns as far as my career and prosperity are concerned.

One such revelation came during the first live call last week, when Nick was working with a coach who said he was giving up on his business and looking for a structured job because he didn’t feel like he could make enough money coaching. At one point he had but…

Nick asked him what happened that killed his optimism. I’d been tapping along with the call and asked myself the same question. Since I began working for myself, I have enjoyed some extremely prosperous and enjoyable spurts with sober companion jobs, case management clients and transports but I never build on them. As soon as the assignments are over, I just catch up with whatever I’ve fallen behind with and enjoy having money and living my life. I do some phone coaching and work on writing projects that will provide income in the future, but I don’t attempt to make sifgnificant money in the now until I have to.

This was the first time it occurred to me to ask, well, why? If there is the potential to make a lot of money in my line of work, why don’t I tap into that more often? (Pun unintended – I just noticed it while reading over this post lol.) Why do I only attract the big jobs when I absolutely need them? Why do my bank accounts need to hit adrenaline-inducing lows for me to focus on manifestation processes that always work? Take tapping for instance! I thought this sounded like a ridiculous process when I first learned it, but then I tried it and had some success. In July, I used it once to alleviate financial concerns and the next day, was offered one of the most enjoyable sober companion jobs I’ve ever worked. If it worked so well, why hadn’t I done it since, before taking this class?

As I tapped on these questions, the answers became abundantly clear.

I thought back to the first spring I did sober companion work, and one of the first times I’d traveled with a client: time spent in mansions and on yachts down south, private jets, personal chefs, jet skiing, wakeboarding…it was an incredible adventure and my greatest stressor was knowing that at any minute, I could end up on Page Six due to the high profile status of the family I was working with. Every day was more exciting than the one proceeding it. I had very high hopes for the direction my career was heading in.

Within one day of getting home from that experience, my cat Leche died. I had been super close with Leche and had a very hard time with this, especially the guilt that I hadn’t been home to spend more of those final weeks with him. He was extremely well cared for in that span, living with my mom as he always had, and his passing was inevitable as he had beel very ill. He had already outlived his predicted life span by many years. I still blamed myself.

The next incredibly profitable and exciting time that stands out above the rest came with a private job, so instead of splitting the fee with someone who had referred the client, I made it all. Following several weeks of making more money that I had imagined was even possible for me in such a short span, I was asked to escort a teenage girl to Kona, Hawaii. I was paid generously and my gorgeous oceanfront hotel and all expenses were covered for several days. I’d never been to Hawaii, so I extended my trip for a while, swam with dolphins, hiked volcanoes, made incredible friends. I don’t think I have felt as free, optimistic, prosperous or excited about my career than I did on that trip.

The day I landed, I found out a friend of 20 years who I adored had been killed in a car accident. He’d been on a flight home from the west coast just beforehand, just like I was. He landed at the same airport and got in an accident on the way home. Along with my intense sadness, I had some weird sense of survivor guilt.

Last summer, I was asked to do case management with a few clients. This involved a lot of money and very little work. By early autumn, I was able to take my mom on a really nice vacation to Sedona and Phoenix. When I got home from that trip, I was asked to take a client to a treatment center in Los Angeles. I had an incredible few days as I always do in LA. With my ever increasing vibration, I became a match to another amazing opportunity that planted me in Santa Monica for an additional week. I was ready to manifest a kingdom.

Instead, I came home to the devastation of my community due to Superstorm Sandy. Clearly, this was also not something I could have prevented, but I was out of town for the storm and ensuing chaos and unlike most in my community, did not lose my home, possessions or even a car. More survivor guilt.

Since I began working for myself, where my thoughts, beliefs, faith, energy and actions determine the amount of money I make, I have been operating on the premise that it isn’t safe to be prosperous and really excited about my career. Or enjoy myself immensely while traveling. “Something bad is going to happen,” has been an unconscious fear, blocking my path of happiness and success.

One of my closest friends already pointed out a link to something that happened in my 20s and like most debilitating patterns, I suspect it will date further back than that even. I’m looking forward to tapping my way deeper into awareness and more importantly, out of this pattern altogether.

I took another step toward that the other night, during my class. Nick called on me to share a question! There are 4000 people taking this class and while they are scattered around the world and not all doing the call live, I was still wonderfully surprised that I was somehow selected! I didn’t even have a question prepared but it occurred to me on the spot to ask whether it is beneficial to keep tapping on something once we have unearthed it, and try to get deeper into the roots, or just go wherever the tapping wants to take us.

Nick did a mini EFT coaching session with me and it was incredible! After a minute or two, I forgot that there were thousands of people listening live or on the recording and let myself fully go with the process. Thanks to Nick’s incredible coaching, and the energy of the collective, I released a good degree of the fear of loss and sadness and guilt that I have associated with some of these prosperous periods.

I realized why I keep editing a book I finished over a year ago instead of trying to publish it. I had adapted a belief that if it becomes as successful as I want it to, I’m going to have to give up my life as I know it to promote it. I won’t see my cherished family and friends or enjoy summers in Long Beach, because I’ll always be on the road.

I laughed as I realized my aspiration was to become an author, not a rock star. Nick told me he did very little traveling to promote his book, which has been hugely successful, and only says yes when it feels like what he wants to do. He reminded me that in today’s age, with modern technology being what it is, there is much less of a need to do in-person promoting. While some authors do indeed spend a lot of time traveling, many don’t.

I love to travel! I just want to do it on my terms, not have a publishing company book me a million speaking engagements in a short span so I can’t even enjoy the locations I’m visiting. It never occurred to me before that I can create whatever I want with this. I thought I’d be giving up one of the things I value most in life: my freedom.

I’m looking forward to what else this class and wonderful process will reveal and heal.
So far, tapping has proved to be the easiest tool I have come across to relieve stress, release unconscious emotional blocks, feel better on the spot and allow the flow of the wanted. It it a process that can be done anytime, anywhere. It is free and has no side effects.

To learn more, visit, which contains plenty of information about tapping and a video that shows you the points and process.

Asking and Receiving


“If you have the ability to imagine it, or even to think about it, this universe has the ability and the resources to deliver it fully unto you.”   ~Esther and Jerry Hicks

I was just about to apologize for another long hiatus. Instead, I am setting an intention to contribute here more often. Focusing on not doing so is only going to create more of the same and while I love teaching about the art of manifesting, I don’t always practice myself. How many posts have I started the past few months with “Sorry I’ve been MIA…”?

Another area I haven’t been creating very consciously in is the one that inspired Time For Prosperity in the first place: attracting monetary abundance. I realized last week that I have been coasting for quite some time, doing just enough to get by. My last intentional monetary manifestation occurred over four months ago, just after Sandy.

Many insights arrived as to why I have been coasting. Today, I’d rather write about the last time I truly used the tools, not only to provide an example but also to remind myself of the incredible results I get when I actually do the work.

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Creating With Intention (Or Not)


“Our intention creates our reality” ~Wayne Dyer

Has anyone else been noticing how quickly the things you’re thinking about are showing up?  This is why it was predicted that in 2013, there would be a greater disparity between those who knew how to consciously create their lives and those who either lacked the awareness of how to do so, or were not willing to do the work involved with transcending the lazy mental habits that create by default.

I have spent the first month of 2013 vacillating between these groups. When I’ve reverted to old habits, primarily due to sinking into post-Sandy funks, it has been almost alarming how quickly more of the unwanted has shown up. On the flipside, it has never been easier to create what I want with conscious focus. A week or so ago, I realized I was craving a sober companion job. It was time to get out of Long Beach, and all the depressing visuals here, so I focused on what I wanted: to be elsewhere, thinking about something else. The call offering one came almost instantaneously. This is certainly “be careful what you wish for” energy!

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Time For Healing


Somewhat recently, a friend of mine posted a comment on Time For Prosperity, stating she tried my last prosperity process from October and it worked. I am very much looking forward to hearing about her experience! In the interim, her comment reminded me I haven’t written here in quite some time.

I penned an additional process and related story in late October, but didn’t actually post it because my family and friends were bracing for Super Storm Sandy. It didn’t feel like an appropriate time to broadcast all the wonderful manifestations I was enjoying across the country in sunny side up California.

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Today’s Prosperity Process

Our subconscious minds cannot tell the difference between reality and an imagined thought or image. What we continually think about eventually will manifest in our lives.” ~Robert Collier

Many years ago, my close friend Tariq took me to Sedona, Arizona for the first time. Thanks to his generosity, I was able to experience the beautiful red rocks I’d only seen in photos, awe-inspiring hikes, energy vortexes and the coolest, most evolved people I’d ever encountered. It was long before Sedona became a tourist attraction; many of the roads were still lined with red clay and there wasn’t a pink jeep tour in sight. 

Through the years, I’ve returned to Sedona and Phoenix several times and it has always been an adventure. From Wayne Gretzky asking me to snap some photos of him and friends in the Coyotes dressing room to time literally stopping for hours on a hike through Oak Creek Canyon, the trips have always involved an essence of the surreal. The other common denominator between my Arizonian adventures was that I wished my mom was there…okay, maybe not literally in the Coyotes dressing room, but on the trips in general. 

This was partly due to my suspicion that she’d love the southwest, which she had never experienced, but it was also because we almost moved there. When I was in high school, my dad was offered a promotion/transfer to Phoenix, which he considered but eventually declined. Each time I’m in the area, I wonder what life would have been like had we moved. I always feel close with my dad’s spirit in Phoenix and imagined my mom might also. When I was last in Sedona in 2011, I vowed next time I returned, I would bring her.

I put photos of Sedona in my mind movie, with the affirmation, “I’m so excited I can afford to take Mom to Arizona this year!” I spent time considering which hotels and restaurants she would like best and researched low impact hiking options. I did visualization techniques and started talking with her about going this autumn, even when that seemed like a monetary impossibility. At first, she was like “Yeah right.” After a while, she stopped protesting and began to humor me.

In early October, I was overjoyed to board the flight to Phoenix with my mom. My treat! This was the first time in many years I was taking a trip that wasn’t paid for by someone else, and the first time since college I was paying for a vacation with actual cash. I was overcome with emotion that this had actually become possible. A year ago, I could barely pay my rent! Now I was treating the woman who kept me afloat back when I couldn’t afford to buy myself a cup of coffee to a nice vacation. I was determined to say thank you by saying no thank you as often as she offered me money toward the trip. It was time for her to learn to receive, and for me to return to my true nature as a giver.

As I set off to enjoy the present, the voice of the past, which still subscribes to scarcity, attempted to generate some future-based fear. “Couldn’t you have stayed in cheaper hotels?” it scolded. “You don’t have a client paying for this trip, remember? In fact, why are you taking this trip at all? This is money you should be doing more responsible things with, or in the very least saving for a rainy day!”

The voice lectured me until it lost its voice. I just witnessed it, watching the thoughts come and go, so as not to get hooked into the fear.

We were en route to Arizona; it was pointless to contemplate how much money I was spending or what I “should” be spending it on instead. So I promised myself I would enjoy every minute and look for opportunities to bask in prosperity thinking.

My mom fell in love with the desert and the trip was worth every penny long before our first sight of the red rocks. As I drove closer to Sedona, I watched the expression on my mom’s face, excited to be experiencing that newness again through someone else’s eyes. Not that I need to: I cry every time I make that drive, completely awestruck by the magnificent beauty. My mom described the experience like landing on another planet.  

When we arrived at The Penrose, I was welcomed by the surprising sight of Bell Rock. I recalled driving to Bell Rock last year and thinking how nice it would be to stay in that area, instead of the ever-increasingly busy town. The Penrose is in a quiet area, nestled into the magical rocks and while Tariq had taken me there on our second trip to Sedona, I’d forgotten how amazing the location was. It probably didn’t stand out as much then, since Sedona was still not the tourist attraction it has since become.

I’d also forgotten the layout of their largest room. It was not a “suite” as I’d remembered. I don’t require much sleep in Sedona, due to the heightened energy of the environment, and I didn’t want to keep my mom up past her bedtime or wake her while getting ready for my sunrise hikes. The Penrose offered me an additional room at a rate of $50 per night based on availability. Since no one else came to claim it, it was mine for the remainder of the trip at this incredibly discounted rate.  I felt like I’d won a lottery jackpot.

I immensely enjoyed our stay at the lovely Penrose, starting with delicious outdoor breakfasts next to breathtakingly beautiful backdrops and ending with tea and scrumptious snacks on the terrace as we looked at thousands of stars.   

Of all the wonderful places I’ve been blessed to travel to and stay at, The Penrose is an all-time favorite.  I can’t say enough about owners Whitney and Christie who make you feel like beloved members of their family.  They treated my mom like a rock star and I will forever be grateful for the smile they kept on my mom’s face throughout our stay.

Since my last post, I have truly learned to see that money is only the value we assign to it. To see my mom as happy and relaxed as she was in Sedona was worth its weight in gold, and then some.  

I will return soon with more about our trip and the powerful lessons in prosperity I encountered on it and upon our return. In the meantime, I leave you with this:

Today’s Prosperity Process

If you could take one person in your life anywhere in the world, who would it be and where would you go? Why? If it’s somewhere you’ve been, imagine yourself there again, experiencing the sights and sounds and aromas, basking in your loved one’s excitement and appreciation. If it is somewhere you’ve dreamed of going but haven’t yet visited, do some research online and plan your trip. Don’t limit yourself with prices; find the places that most appeal to you! Pretend you have unlimited resources to take this trip and that the money can only be spent on this vacation; you can’t use it for anything else. Where will you stay? What restaurants will you dine at? What activities will you engage in?

Have fun with this.  I look forward to seeing who the first person will be that will write to me and say, “Nancy you won’t believe this! I did that exercise you suggested in October just for fun…and now I’m on my way to my dream destination!”

Where is your attention?

“Keep your attention on your intention.”

Last Wednesday, a neighbor jumped onto the elevator looking like a kid who just spent the day with Santa Claus.

“Did you see them?!” she asked excitedly. Not recognizing her qualifier provided my first clue that my answer was going to be no.

“The dolphins!” she clarified. “They’ve been out there the past two hours!” I looked at the time on my phone to see I’d left the beach exactly two hours prior, just as it started to get crowded. I ran upstairs for my bike and took a ride along the boardwalk, but I could sense I’d missed them. As someone who passionately adores these creatures, I dove straight into the seas of disappointment.

On Thursday, I went out to the beach a bit later, hoping my soulfriends of the sea were still in town. They were! But this time, I went out too late. Another neighbor came running over to tell me all about a visit so exciting, she Skyped her mother in Poland so she could watch the show.

Now I was downright miserable. Someone in Poland had seen dolphins swimming in my backyard, but I had somehow once again missed them? I asked my neighbor if they’d be back, as if she is an authority on dolphins. “Maybe!” she encouraged. But I knew better.

That night, uncharacteristically cranky, I began to tell friends I was dining with my lack based story. As the thoughts came spilling out of my mouth, I finally heard them. What was I thinking? This was what I used to do with my story of money, or lack thereof: tell anyone who would listen about the bills I couldn’t pay, the debt I was suffocating in. It wasn’t until I learned to stop focusing on “what was” that I was able to turn my monetary life around and begin creating “what could be.”

Fascinatingly, now that I’m in a place where the financial area of my life is starting to feel good to dwell upon, it’s rare anyone will hear a peep about it. It wasn’t until I dined with my friends that night that I even realized this. I was so conditioned to focus on “what’s wrong,” on lack, on so-called problems…it took much effort for me to change that programming, to give up complaining and take up visualizing, to make gratitude a daily practice.

Now it’s time to express that gratitude out loud! This is such a foreign concept though. When was the last time a friend called you and said, “You know what, I’m feeling really good about money today. Actually, I’m feeling downright abundant!”

We have been trained to focus on scarcity, and when we experience prosperity, we may not even notice or take it for granted. Most of us aren’t shouting it from the rooftops; that is seen as bragging. The last thing we want to do is tell a friend who is experiencing lack that we are not only getting by today but also starting to thrive. Yet in truth, talking about prosperity, our good health, harmonizing relationships etc. can be helpful to others! It shows what is possible. The real message when someone you know experiences something you want is that it’s available for you also; it’s up to you whether to repel it with jealousy or embrace it by celebrating with them.

Years ago, before I knew better, I got consumed with the green eyed monster whenever someone took a trip somewhere warm and sunny during the winter, and I was “stuck” in New York. I had no understanding that I was only stuck because of my own limiting thoughts and beliefs! Even once I learned about the law of attraction, it took some work to transcend the old habitual reaction. Then one day, I saw a friend’s photos from Puerto Rico on Facebook and I celebrated like crazy for him. “Wow, look at those beautiful palm trees!” I thought. “I’m so glad he’s getting to experience that right now! I can almost feel the sun on my own face!”

A week later, I was asked to take my very first trip with a client. A five-star, all expenses paid trip to…you guessed it: Puerto Rico!  As I posted photos of the beautiful beaches and rain forests, friends reacted in different ways. I knew exactly which friends would soon be taking tropical trips; one even went to Puerto Rico.

As many of you have already read, this past New Year’s Eve, I wrote a list of goals for the year. Topping my requests to the universe was swimming with dolphins in the wild, something I’d always wanted to do but never took seriously as a goal. It had always been a “yeah someday I’d love to…” sort of thing. When we put the message of “yeah someday” out there, our desires will always remain out of reach. After watching Dolphin Tale with a client, I decided to turn “yeah someday” into something more specific, letting the universe know I meant business. “Swim with dolphins in the wild by February.” 

A week or so later, a close friend told me he was taking an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii. By this point, I had learned to be happy for people just to be happy for them, not as a means to attract my own experiences. Perhaps this is why it only took a day or two to receive my very own trip to Hawaii, as I was asked to take a client to a treatment center in Kona.

The first thing I learned about Kona is that its seas host an abundance of dolphins; there is an entire industry based on swimming with them. I was amazed and overjoyed by how quickly my request came to fruition, in Hawaii of all places!

Reflecting upon this memory, I realized the dolphins had come to Long Beach with some powerful messages for me, starting with a reminder to set intentions for what I want. Sure, I’ve been quite appreciative of all that has transpired in my career the past few months, but I have spent little time thinking about what I want next. I haven’t created a list of goals since New Year’s Eve. It’s time!

The dolphins also reminded me to not only set my sights on what I want but also to keep my focus there…never give in to the temptation to talk about “what is” unless I want more of it. I hadn’t “missed” them; I’d simply been put on notice that there were in town! The only thing preventing me from seeing them was my scarcity thinking!

The next morning, I called a friend and left a message about how excited I was to see dolphins in Long Beach. Then I sat on my terrace and wrote about how wonderful an experience it was, putting it in the past tense, as if it had already occurred. As I detailed the delight on the faces of children on the beach, I looked at the ocean and saw two fins. No way! That was fast!

I grabbed my keys and a beach pass and flew downstairs. When I got down to the sand, I looked to the next break where I estimated they would be. All I saw was two surfers. “Nice hallucination,” I laughed.

Just as I was about to head back in, they surfaced again, in the exact spot I’d seen them in. I was tempted to run back up and get my surfboard so I could paddle out to them, but realized this what I’d asked for…I needed to just be present and enjoy the sight of them.  I’d swim with them another day, preferably somewhere with crystal blue pristine waters.

As I watched kids and adults alike point to the dolphins with excitement, just as they had in my visualization, I celebrated for each and every one of them.